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Settle Your Baby Masterclass Bundle

Unsure of why your baby is unsettled. Confused whether it is colic, lactose intolerance, cow's milk allergy or reflux ?

You may feel like you are not getting answers from your health care providers?

You may suspect your baby may has Cow's Milk Allergy or maybe you have been told by your health care professional that they do but you are unsure of the next steps.

It is important to properly diagnose Cow's Milk Allergy since the symptoms of Cow's Milk Allergy are very similar to colic and reflux. 

This masterclass will give you all the information and solutions to help settle your baby. It is bundled together with an online appointment to access what's going on for your child, make a plan and review that plan.

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Are you sitting on a waiting list to see a dietitian about your baby's milk allergy but need professional help and support NOW? 

I would like to introduce my

Cow's Milk Allergy Essentials Club

This includes 9 months access to a library of masterclasses, booklets, recipes and videos to help you navigate Non IgE Cow's Milk Allergy in your baby:

  • Settled Your Baby Masterclass including 'How to diagnose CMPA' and  'Dairy free diet for breastfeeding Mum's  
  • Dairy free Weaning Masterclass plus dairy and soya free product list and example food plans.
  • Doing the Milk Ladder Masterclass plus examples of milk ladders, plus alternative foods and recipes. 
  • Navigating the Fussy Toddler Years: Fussy eating advice for your little one and any other children you have.


Pre-recorded guest speakers eg lactation consultants and sleep consultants plus more to come from cranial sacral therapists, private GP who specialises in allergies in the coming months.

Dairy Free Recipes: For 6-9 months and 9 months plus

Whatsapp support: Get support from me via whatsapp during the 9 months period to ask questions. This section alone is worth £100 and an invaluable resource for parents needing quick answers.

This library is being added to monthly so the value continues to increase

No monthly subscriptions - one payment only

One Time Payment £100/€120

Cow's Milk Allergy Package

For the treatment and management of Non IgE Mediated (delayed) Cow's Milk Allergy. 

This is a bundle of 6 online appointments which will guide you through diagnosis, weaning (if under 1 year) and reintroduction of milk back into your baby's diet via the milk ladder.

This package will....

Create a happy settled baby.

Give YOU better sleep and peace of mind.

Create a happy Little Monkey who eats, winds, sleeps and has 'normal' poops.

Control Eczema flare ups and relieve uncomfortable itching and scratching.

 Evidenced based nutrition advice to maximise yours (if breastfeeding) and your baby's nutrition from a Paediatric Dietitian with over 15 years experience specialising in Cow's Milk Allergy.

Guidance on the right prescribed formula and correspondence with your GP.


This is suitable for all babies and toddlers. Sometimes this does not present itself until after 1 year or it has gone undiagnosed and presents in the toddler years.


What you get?

6 online appointments - You can have 1 appointment per month for 6 months or you may want more support initially and spread the appointments out later.

Access to my 'Cow's Milk Allergy Essentials Club' for FREE (see above). In this you get access to all my Cow's Milk Allergy Masterclasses, information leaflets, recipes and monthly guest experts). This gets better month by month.

Whatsapp support between appointments.


 You Don't Have to Wait......I know that having an unsettled baby is NOT normal, that is why you need a kind and empathetic ear to guide you through it!

Cow's Milk Allergy Package



  • 6 online appointments
  • 9 months access to Cow's Milk Allergy Essentials Club -an online platform of masterclasses, recipes and resources.
  • Samples sent to your door of extensively hydrolysed milks
  • Prescription letter to GP requesting they prescribe the extensively hydrolysed milk.


  • Whatsapp or email support in between appointments ( I will be there to answer your questions when you need me between appointments)
  • Payment plan option available - click link below.

Ready to book but prefer to chat to me first?

Book a 20 minute discovery call for £30/€35

In this call you will get some quick initial advice and reassurance for your Little Monkey with Cow's Milk Allergy. 

If you book a package during the discovery call, £30/€35 will be deducted of the price of the package. 

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Are you Breastfeeding your baby with CMPA?

Purchase my 'Dairy and Soya Free Food Plan for Breastfeeding Mums'.

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See our range of Information Booklets and Example meal plans.

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